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Order preparation

Order preparation

Order preparation by IDEA

Successfully streamlining and optimising order preparation provides gains in productivity and improves service quality. This is why IDEA delivers components that can be directly used by your employees. IDEA’s know-how in order preparation covers all of the following services:

  • Optimised picking by goods-to-man robotic solutions, such as at Airbus with the integration of a modular robotic warehouse
  • Multi-product kitting: components, tools and consumables
  • Co-manufacturing: cutting, drilling, pre-assembly and lubrication
  • Bagging for individual component protection
  • Sequencing control on flow-management resources and production-line supply
  • Co-packing: labelling, film-wrapping, flow pack, customised packaging, packs and kits
  • Cross-docking and order splitting
  • Specific identification: labelling, marking and etching
  • Quality control and compliance digitised before delivery For example, at Man Energy Solutions, IDEA carries out high overhead quality control by drone. Control data is transmitted to the customer in real time with 4G technology

IDEA lends its expertise in order preparation to a number of business sectors, including energy, defence, naval, manufacturing and aeronautical sectors, and maritime and port services.

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