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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Each year, companies with at least 50 employees are required to publish on their website the gender equality index of their organisation, as well as the score obtained for each of the indicators.

The Index, out of 100 points, is composed of 4 to 5 indicators depending on whether the company has less or more than 250 employees :

  • Gender pay gap,
  • Distribution gap for individual salary raises,
  • Promotion distribution gap (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
  • Number of employees given a raise after maternity leave,
  • Parity among the ten highest wages.


What next ? 

Companies with a score below 85 points have until 1 September 2023 to set and publish improvement targets for each of the indicators for which the maximum score has not been achieved.
Companies with an overall score of less than 75 points have until 1 September 2023 to publish, in addition to the progress targets, the corrective measures defined by agreement or unilateral decision.


IDEA Logistique

EN_Index 2023 Table IL

IDEA Services 

EN_Index 2023 Table IS

Due to the distribution of the workforce in the Packaging and IDEA Transport economic and social unit, the overall index score is incalculable. The results of the calculable indicators for these companies are shown below : 

IDEA Emballage

EN_Index 2023 Table IE

IDEA Transport

EN_Index 2023 Table IT


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