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What is your requirement?

Advanced Supplier Warehouse

Advanced Supplier Warehouse

IDEA can set up an advanced warehouse enabling your suppliers to make deliveries close to the product destination. With an advanced warehouse, you can refocus your space on operations with high added value. This system allows you greater cost control and flexibility in deliveries, and flow visibility throughout the supply chain.

IDEA’s advanced supplier warehouse

IDEA has developed the knowledge and expertise to carry out the various tasks involved in setting up and running an advanced supplier warehouse.

  • Handling of maritime, rail and road supplies 
  • Delegated reception and physical and document control
  • Component preservation and maintenance in operational condition
  • FIFO stock management and storage
  • Consignment storage
  • Management of components under bond, expiry date and for regulated products
  • Delegated production: cutting, drilling, assembly, shot peening, painting, grinding
  • Order preparation and pull system and just-in-time delivery
  • Packaging before shipment
  • Space for supplier interventions

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IDEA invests in your advanced supplier warehouses

In order to ensure quality services, IDEA invests in resources adapted to the solutions offered to its customers.

IDEA invests in logistics platforms and localised warehouses close to our major industrial customers.
On these specific sites, IDEA sets up adapted supply loops: small trains, electric vehicles, city trailers for restricted environments, industrial and port trailers (with capacities of 35 to 100 tonnes), and self-propelled trailers (with capacities of 350 tonnes).

In addition to these material means, we offer customers comprehensive computerised management of EDI flows and operations as well as secure interfaces with customer ERP software and that of their suppliers. We also offer information systems for stock management and component tracking, accessible to customers via a dedicated web interface.

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