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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Delegated production

Delegated production

Delegated production operations

IDEA can oversee certain operations in delegated production to deliver just the products you need which are directly usable and consumable on your production and assembly lines:

  • Section, pipe, cable and sheet sizing by sawing, shearing and flame cutting
  • Pre-assembly and assembly by torque screwing and gluing. IDEA carries out pre-assembly operations notably for GE
  • Drilling and tapping for sheet metal and other materials
  • Sheet metal filming prior to forming
  • Shot-peening
  • Protective painting
  • Lubrication prior to assembly
  • Quality delegation: document control, geometrical and dimensional physical control on marble. IDEA provides this type of service for its customer Stelia

IDEA invests in the equipment necessary for customer production operations

In order to offer you production operations of high quality, IDEA invests in resources adapted to your needs:

  • Circular and band saws with up to 1,000-mm diameter capacity
  • Drilling and tapping tools
  • Large paint booth (L=20m, W=9m, H=8.5m)
  • Sheet metal and cable shears
  • Torque tightening tools
  • Dimensional and geometrical control systems
  • Special gripping equipment: suction pads on crane
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