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What is your requirement?

Industrial logistics

As a last mile logistics provider, IDEA operates on-site at its industrial customers’ as well as on its own logistical hubs.

Industrial Logistics by IDEA

Industrial Logistics by IDEA

Discover our full-service offering designed to increase the performance of your supply-chain on a case by case basis and end to end : 

Project engineering

Our project engineers design customised solutions to meet your storage, industrial packing and transport needs. Committed to LEAN Manufacturing, our teams take the specificities of your organisation into consideration to optimise your processes and rationalise your costs. 

Customer service

We handle direct relations with your customers and coordinate your operations to improve your logistical performance, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Line-side supply

IDEA handles the management of all your activities upstream from the factory by setting up solutions tailored to your requirements and your supply-chain. 


Proper inventory management is essential to the efficiency of your supply-chain. Our storage solutions, in particular our 200,000 square meters of warehouse space will provide you with the right part at the right time. Our expertise encompasses fragile, heavy and confidential products. 

Shipping management

IDEA offers turnkey services to prepare your goods for shipping and track them through to their final destination. 

Control and information systems 

We provide our customers with different computer applications for the daily management of: 

  • inventory
  • order preparation 
  • shipping management.

Our information system ensures full traceability of product and information flows in our logistical hubs. 
Customer constraints and software can be integrated in our offer.

Advanced supplier warehouse

Our advanced supplier warehouse service provides you with numerous turnkey services to deliver products meeting the expectations of your customers just-in-time. 

Production outsourcing

Gain in efficiency by entrusting our teams with your production operations, whether for outsourced activities or your entire industrial process. 

Order preparation 

Order preparation is a key step that must be dealt with methodically. Our custom solutions allow you to rationalise costs while offering irreproachable customer experience.

  • Eco-design innovative solutions
  • Optimise costs on a continuing basis
  • Ensure process reliability
  • Constantly improve & readjust
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  • Eco-design innovative solutions
  • Optimise costs on a continuing basis
  • Ensure process reliability
  • Constantly improve & readjust

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