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Manufacturing industry

IDEA industrie manufacturière

IDEA provides a comprehensive supply-chain offering to its industrial customers. Project engineering, line-side supply, packing, factory deliry at the customer’s etc., IDEA develops custom solutions for the industry sector.

IDEA ensures comprehensive and efficient management of your supply chain and offers logistics services dedicated to industrial companies including procurement, storage, distribution, transport and handling.


  • Procurement management
  • Quality and quantity checks
  • Unloading


  • Inventory management
  • Preparation operations
  • Preparation for shipment: packing, dock-side transfer
  • Secure, high surveillance inventory management and storage

SHipping and transport

  • Order preparation
  • Shipping management
  • Production delegation
  • Pre-assembly
  • Custom packaging solutions in compliance with standards
  • Procurement-scheduling
  • Quality control 
  • Industrial transfer and packing before sea, air or road transport to final assembly location
  • Line-side just-in-time delivery to customer’s assembly departments
  • Industrial transfer of finished or semi-finished assemblies


  • Oversize handling
  • Oversize handling (items that can weigh from 2 to 80 tonnes and components measuring 1 to 12 metres in length)
  • Specific and specialised handling of critical, high added value items
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Cédric Valmalle
Cédric Valmalle
IDEA Business Development Director
In order to meet Tata Steel's challenges in the Greater West, IDEA integrates the entire supply chain from the ship's departure from the factory to final delivery.