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What is your requirement?

Bulk agri-food

Bulk agri-food

IDEA Groupe bulk logistics

IDEA has legacy know-how in the bulk agri-food supply chain (cereals and conventional oil crops and wood). Its expertise is based on true partnerships with its customers such as Cargill, Axéréal, Cecab, Bunge and Dreyfus. IDEA offers outsourced or on-location solutions that include the control and management of goods flow.

Logistical services dedicated to bulk agri-food

  • Product storage
  • Maritime transportation (import/export)
  • Road and railway chartering
  • Factory supply
  • Product traceability
  • Bringing goods into compliance
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Yves Marie Roué
Yves Marie Roué
IDEA Bulk Activity Director
Cargill is a legacy customer of the IDEA group. Today we operate a truly win/win partnership.