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Discover the IDEA group

IDEA, 100 years of logistics expertise serving our industrial customers



Responsible and committed, IDEA is an independent industrial supply chain provider, specialising in specific and sensitive products.

Our mission : make industrial supply chains more efficient, more innovative and secure.

IDEA deploys custom and comprehensive logistics solutions for industry and provides its partners with its expertise in project engineering, flow control, protection of industrial goods and industrial and specific transport. IDEA is active in the aeronautics, energy, defence, shipbuilding, construction logistics, joinery and bulk agri-food sectors.

The IDEA group, with its cooperative values, is fully committed to being a player in the third industrial and agricultural revolution (TIAR), and in particular the digital revolution.

To make this evolution a reality and transform it into innovative and high-performance solutions for its customers, IDEA regularly launches digital prototyping (drone, robots, applications, geolocation, etc.). Innovation is part of our DNA.

About IDEA

IDEA's holding company is a cooperative and participatory company (SCOP) with an independent and non-transferable shareholding structure.

The group deploys its expertise in 5 areas of activity: logistics, bulk logistics, industrial transport, shipping, packing.

Synergies and collaborative work enable IDEA to support its customers from start to finish by offering tailor-made and comprehensive solutions in the sectors of aeronautics, energy, defence, shipbuilding, site logistics, joinery and bulk agri-food.

IDEA in figures 

IDEA employees


IDEA turnover
200 M€

in turnover

IDEA investments
100 M€

in investments over 5 years

IDEA warehouse
300 000 sq m

of warehouse and factory space

100 ha

of logistics

IDEA industrial vehicles

registered of
industrial vehicles

Our strong & strengthen values

Idea valeurs

IDEA is an independent group. This independence enables it to guarantee respect for the values that serve as the basis of the quality of its relationships with its customers, employees and its environment.

Above all, IDEA embodies a human adventure. Men and women driven by the passion for their profession, sharing the same values. IDEA commits every day to being transparent and loyal with respect to its partners, to taking action in the group’s energy aspects and to enhancing and protecting the people at the core of our trades.


  • Being open-minded, curious and watchful
  • Sharing ideas, making proposals
  • Encouraging initiatives and accepting challenges
  • Daring to go from the idea to action
  • Testing without seeking perfection, and bouncing back from failures (right to fail)


  • Respecting people through actions, words and attitudes, and the rules of community living
  • Listening to each other every day and speaking out with honesty and kindness
  • Taking time for each other
  • Recognising and assigning value to the work done and efforts made


  • Sharing information, failures, successes
  • Encouraging, being constructive and transmitting one’s own knowledge
  • Offering help to a partner
  • Contributing to the important moments of the company and of customers


  • Doing one’s utmost to reach the objectives set and meeting commitments made
  • Informing and providing alternative solutions in case of difficulty
  • Going beyond one’s assignment and over the long term


  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions and errors, seeking to improve
  • Being exemplary, doing what we ask others to do
  • Acting virtuously for the environment

a history with future

Our history, from 1919 to today


La Fraternelle, a port handling company, is founded in Saint-Nazaire.


Investments in real estate begin. La Fraternelle acquires its first warehouses.


La Fraternelle becomes MTTM (Manutention Transport Transit Magasinage). The eighties mark the development of the company’s know-how in bulk agri-food and industrial logistics and a partnership culture. The company includes a new offering: transport.


MTTM reinforces it port expertise (container and conventional activities) and its maritime engineering offer. The company diversifies its offering by developing a new international trading, industrial packing and industrial logistics business.


MTTM becomes IDEA, a recognized service provider of supply-chain logistics for exceptional specific and sensitive products. IDEA’s headquarters are based in Montoir-de-Bretagne, legacy location of the group’s business.


As a supply-chain specialist, IDEA is resolutely committed to being a 4.0 logistics specialist, an agile and robust partner in ongoing and future industrial transformations. Based on entrepreneurial values and a confirmed CSR approach, IDEA has been able over the years to consolidate its business expertise in the most demanding markets.