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What is your requirement?

Line-side procurement

Line-side procurement

With line side procurement, IDEA offers professionals in the industrial sector an opportunity to focus on their core business. Our line side procurement service enables them to have all the components, tools, materials and consumables they need to produce added value.

Engineering and lean manufacturing

In order to help customers be ever more efficient, IDEA oversees engineering and lean manufacturing roll-out on all upstream and downstream flows for a given site.

Our service offer incorporates dynamic flow simulation and distribution channel design, and supply flow engineering (inter-station flow management, optimisation of working times for our customers’ operators).

IDEA also studies and oversees the means of transit and ergonomic system availability at workstations.

Physical management of upstream flows

Based on customer needs, IDEA can oversee the physical management of inbound plant flows. IDEA manages:

  • Component reception.
  • Delegated physical and document quality control.
  • Reconditioning into consumption units.

Upstream flow management also incorporates stock management, order preparation (kitting, Kanban, and full vacuum) and delegated production in cutting and assembly.

In-plant flow management

IDEA can also handle in-plant flow management, which includes making component and tooling kits as well as just-in-time line-side delivery.

Among its services, IDEA also offers storage for work-in-process goods in local logistics areas as well as preservation control and maintenance.

These in-plant flows also involve the transfer of components between workstations and special handling, such as:

  • Lifting
  • Rolling
  • Rigging
  • Stationing and retrieval
  • Turning
  • Machining centre set-up

IDEA expertise in equipment provision and storage

IDEA has developed specific expertise in equipment provision, maintenance and storage.

  • Equipment listing, tracking and geolocation
  • Preservation, repair, control and maintenance in operational condition
  • Periodic regulatory inspections
  • External storage and stock management
  • Provision of equipment on request
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