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What is your requirement?

Storage & stock management

Storage & stock management

Effective stock management is based on three essential criteria:

  • Ensuring the availability of components at all times and in sufficient quantity
  • Optimising the costs of stored assets
  • Guaranteeing the integrity of stored products

Warehouse stock management

In its storage warehouses, 300,000-square-metre logistics workshops, or in customer warehouse facilities, IDEA offers storage and stock management solutions adapted to the specific needs of businesses (floor, overhead crane, controlled temperature, cleanroom, rack, drip tray) for robotic or automated warehouses. 

Thanks to its control of flow sizing and management parameters (e.g. Kanban), IDEA helps customers to reduce and better control their stock on a daily basis.

Procurement management

IDEA defines and optimises replenishment thresholds for customers based on fluctuations in demand and seasonality. With Business Intelligence tools, IDEA can anticipate and predict the potential needs of customers.

IDEA oversees supplier bids to offer the most relevant solutions. We also handle third party procurement on behalf of our customers and stock financing to reduce customer financial fixed assets.

Furthermore, the Group is able to define and supply self-service (e.g. Kanban and automated supply points) and local facilities with goods.

IDEA: managing specific and sensitive products

IDEA has developed specific expertise in managing sensitive, fragile, heavy and/or confidential products.

For example, IDEA manages stock for aeronautical parts and panels (facilities for raw materials, large structural parts and panels, small parts and screws and bolts, and panels), electrical and electronic equipment, and components requiring cleanroom facilities in the nuclear field.

Read the Airbus case study.

In its authorised storage warehouses, IDEA relies on its expertise and IT system to ensure that stock involving regulated products (e.g. flammables, corrosives, explosives), such as paint, thinners, glues and greases, is carefully managed to supply workshops.

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