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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Guidance on flow management

At IDEA, the future of logistics takes shape by collaboratively building customised solutions for your industrial project.

Conseil logistique organisation de flux

We design our logistics platforms as true manufacturing facilities, and the organisation of our logistics flows as product. Our approach is based on solid expertise in logistics business domains. We are capable of offering optimisation solutions as well as "out-of-the-box" solutions that involve breakthroughs. In a co-construction approach closely linked to your reality, we transform ideas into operational realities. 

Flow engineering involves defining your supply chain plan, sizing the resources needed to optimise your flows, minimising disputes, and reducting costs. We quantify your human resources and equipment requirements, and specific transit means, taking into account your activity fluctuations from the design stage. To achieve this, IDEA mobilises all its talents, designers and operators in designing your supply chain solution. 

By collaborating with you over the long term to validate a common objective, IDEA's Digital Factory leverages all the data from your supply chain to optimise its operation.

The solutions provided by IDEA 

  • IDEA studies, develops, and analyses all relevant scenarios to find the best solution tailored to its customers.
  • A multidisciplinary engineering department (projects, quality, HR, ect.) composed of trained technicians and engineers from various sectors. 
  • IDEA integrates and deploys comprehensive, automated, or non-automated logistics systems using its own design, dimensioning, and simulation tools. 

IDEA's advantages

  • Proven expertise in project management. 
  • Experience in turnkey logistics solutions in multi-site environments : real estate, automated systems, ect. 
  • Commitment capacity : from the preliminary consulting phase to the final offer. 
  • Logistic risk-sharing partnership. 
  • A crisis management team that can be quickly mobilised to swiftly develop scenarios in response an urgent flow management issue.  

Our methods and tools for assisting you

  • Flow engineering.
  • Setting up a "Task Force".
  • Collaborative approach with our customers.
  • A "value analysis" approach.


Engineering Manager

Consulting is an expertise that meets our customer's expectations. IDEA, as a logstics expert, offers directions and defines more comprehensive solutions, beyond sipmly responding to a tender where a solution is partly predefined. Consulting techniques are specific ; mastering them opens up new development opportunities.

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