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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Management and Information systems

A powerful flow information system

EDI, ENX, SAP, TMS, WMS... IDEA sets up high-performance and interfaced computer systems and tools to guarantee its customers tailor-made services with immediate added value.

  • Preparation and securing of any new process 
  • Audit after start-up

IDEA's information system allows full traceability of product flows and information on its platforms from the IStock software package (based on Hardis Reflex), offering a range of processing and software applications tailored to the specific needs of customers. IDEA can integrate its customers' constraints and proprietary software into its offer.

All IDEA customers have personalised access to a secure and backed up IT platform with connection to the IDEA network via EDI or the Internet. They can thus monitor and manage their logistics flows on a daily basis: inventory management, order preparation and shipment management.

  • Secure lines compliant with automotive industry standards 
  • Data exchange interfaces
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