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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Management and Information systems

IDEA sets up high-performance and interfacing computer systems and tools to guarantee customers tailor-made services with immediate added value.

Guaranteed supply chain performance

IDEA monitors the entire supply chain by integrating data from customer information systems and customer requests, and from its own flow traceability, component tracking and stock management systems.

IDEA’s information systems allow full traceability of physical flows and information with a range of processing and software applications tailored to the specific needs of customers.

IDEA can integrate customer constraints and proprietary software into its offer, through data monitoring.

Data monitoring for decision-making

IDEA works with customers to define performance indicators (KPIs) and warning levels. Together, we develop performance dashboards which are updated in real time.

Indicators are instantly updated for better anticipation and more efficient decision-making in the face of events.

Fast, secure data exchange between customer systems and IDEA

The secure interfacing of our information systems with customer software facilitates data exchange and enables our customers to optimise their processes.
IDEA gives customers access to a secure customer space so that they can access performance dashboards, service requests, stock records and order preparation.

Optimised identification and anticipation of events with data monitoring

IDEA’s management services and information systems give customers an opportunity to identify, anticipate and better handle events, and to boost performance.

Capitalising on data from various information systems (customer, supplier and IDEA), we offer comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions. IDEA transforms your data into actions, while adapting to your level of progress in monitoring your data.

IDEA optimally manages data to fuel the continuous improvement cycle and evolution of your processes.

IDEA's logistics applications

In our data monitoring service offering, find more information on the applications we can provide at every stage of the supply chain: myWay; myPack; SmartPack; TMS for transport management; WMS for platform and customer stock management, which can be consulted remotely; interfacing; etc.


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