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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Forward Supplier Warehouse

IDEA’s know-how

Cost control, delivery flexibility, visibility of flows over the entire supply chain, closeness to end-customers etc. A forward supplier warehouse allows the supplier to serve customers from stock located near the product destination.

  • Handling of maritime, rail and road supplies 
  • Receiving and inspections 
  • Stock storage and management 
  • Management of industrial services: shot peening, painting, grinding 
  • Order preparation and just-in-time delivery 
  • Procurement / provider of material 
  • Consignment storage / VMI 
  • Just-in-time 
  • FIFO 
  • Nearby storage 
  • Bonded management

Tailored resources

In order to ensure quality services, IDEA invests in resources adapted to the solutions offered to its customers.

  • Comprehensive computerised management of EDI flows and operations 
  • Hardis Reflex flow management software package 
  • 50,000 square metres of platforms, overhead cranes, Tugs, Mafies from 35 to 100 tonnes, self-propelled towing equipment
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