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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Production outsourcing

IDEA know-how in delegated production

Recognised for its flexibility and the implementation of performance policies, IDEA supports you in the optimisation process and the proper functioning of your production tools.

IDEA can take charge of all these operations under delegated production:

  • Cutting of aluminium profiles and sheets to length 
  • Sheet drilling 
  • Sheet rolling 
  • Delegation of quality 
  • Processing 
  • Cutting 
  • Shearing 
  • Drilling 
  • Shot-peening 
  • Painting 
  • Machining 
  • Assembly 
  • Rolling 
  • Cutting to length

Tailored resources

IDEA invests in resources tailored to the solutions offered to its customers: 

  • Saws and cutting shears 
  • Drilling and rolling unit 
  • Flat inspection surface 
  • Special gripping equipment: suction pads on crane 
  • Oversize handling equipment: multidirectional
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