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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

IDEA Group is recruiting 80 employees


As a result of the Covid-19 health crisis, Supply Chain jobs are being revaluated. Business digitalisation trends are accelerating and IDEA is pursuing development with the integration of digital and new technologies as a performance booster for its activities.

At the same time, several of its business sectors (renewable energy, telecommunications) are booming. The group is currently looking for 80 future employees for all its sites, 70% of which will be recruited to work in the traditional Nantes - Saint-Nazaire area.

IDEA : changing business requirements & growing business sectors

IDEA is an environment-friendly and committed, independent industrial supply-chain contractor. For over 100 years, the Group has been deploying tailored and comprehensive logistics solutions for industrialists and providing expertise in project engineering, flow control, protection of industrial goods and industrial and specific transport for its partners.
IDEA is continuously innovating to offer a high-performance supply chain meeting the industrial requirements of its customers.

In recent months, supply chain jobs have been revaluated, and the business digitalisation trend has accelerated to focus on economic recovery. Managerial job positions are available (Site Manager, Operations Manager) and new jobs are being created (IS application tester, Business IS Project Manager, HRIS Project Manager),
and renewable energy and telecommunications markets are developing. Environmental issues, industrial requirements, job creation... IDEA group is pursuing and expanding its diversification strategy.

In order to cope with uncertainties while encouraging the growth and improving the performance of its customers, the group is continuing to develop digital integration and new technologies and is recruiting all over France.

Permanent positions in the Nantes-Nazaire area and on the group's other sites

QSE Coordinator (Quality Safety Environment), Supply-Chain Engineer, Operations Manager or Site Manager, Logistics Project Manager, etc. IDEA is recruiting, mainly offering permanent positions.

The group is integrating 40 new employees in total, over the very short term in management or cross-functional project management (10) and logistics operators (30) positions.

Where ? IDEA is looking for new hires, mainly for the Head Office and its Nantes and Saint-Nazaire sites, and... new employees will also be working on the Calais, Rouen, Cherbourg, Brest, Angoulême... sites.

Today students, tomorrow members of IDEA staff

The IDEA logistic provider believes in the young generation : a fresh look at the profession, training in the field, sensitivity to the CSR issues, intuitive use of new technologies, future collaborators... all these aspects are considered for the work-study positions offered by the Group every year.

In these challenging times, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students have had to change their plans (fewer trips abroad, long-term internships starting at the beginning of the school year, etc.).

IDEA is offering over 40 job positions (internships or work-study) for students from the beginning of the school year in September, all over France. IDEA has created a series of dedicated video testimonials, which can be viewed on the LinkedIn page or Youtube page of the group.


Where can I find the group's job offers ?

The offers on the group’s website are open to newcomers and experienced candidates.
Experience is not always the best teacher. IDEA believes in the men and women joining the company and hoping to grow with the group.

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