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Engine export preparation

Partenariat MAN - IDEA


Challenges for MAN

  • Provide a local logistics solution 
  • Integrate value-added operations such as painting and packaging activities before shipment of finished products

Our services

Component logistics

  • Reception and storage according to product constraints
  • Kit preparation
  • Delivery of parts and/or kits to workstations

Delegation of tube production

  • Tube restocking
  • Tube production management
  • Tube cutting
  • Delivery to workstation

IDEA’s advantages 

  • Assisting the customer in boosting productivity
  • Long-term investment
  • Meeting customer challenges: going beyond our current range of services

Delegation of engine production

  • Degreasing and masking MAN finished engines
  • Application of primer and paint to MAN finished engines
  • Degreasing and painting of engine frames and chassis
  • Unpacking and removing components from crates
  • Mounting of cover, slinging brackets

Preparation for shipment:

  • Packing the engines: design and installation of wooden flooring
  • Engine sheeting
  • Transfers and heavy handling from one station to station
  • Transfers to port zone before shipping to key exports
of a successful
Man and IDEA Collaboration
IDEA Logistics Site Manager
The collaborative approach we have with our customer MAN Energy Solutions enables us to improve the quality of our services together, while adapting our production methods to emerging needs.
From these reflections are born innovative solutions, such as high overhead quality control by drone. With this innovation, we reduce the safety risks associated with handling and save considerable time thanks to the almost instantaneous transmission of control data to the customer.
Michael SINGER
Directeur production
MAN Energy Solutions
When IDEA supports us in the development of new projects, we often talk about the "flexibility - reactivity" of teams
They have a remarkable ability to keep up with our peaks of activity, linked to the new challenges of the energy market. We cultivate the same industrial culture allowing us to work together on our challenges of safety, quality and innovation. IDEA does not hesitate to rethink its logistics business to support us in our digital and ecological transition.