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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

General Electric (GE)

Global management of logistics flows for the wind turbine nacelle factory

General Electric (GE) - IDEA


Customer objectives

  • Support development at the Montoir-de-Bretagne plant
  • Supply parts within a 4-hour time frame

Our Services

  • Reception and warehousing (>20,000 m²) on local IDEA platforms
  • Order scheduling based on production progress
  • Kit preparation and delivery within a 4-hour time frame 
  • Logistics management of heavy cargo (foundry parts) 
  • Conception, design and supply of handling systems
  • Industrial packaging services
  • Real-time tracking of logistics operations 
  • Truck flow management via a dedicated web tool
  • Delegation of quality inspections
  • Pre-production operations (e.g. cable tray cutting)

IDEA's advantages

  • Global service management 
  • Integrated solution: storage, kitting, packaging and transport
  • Adaptation to customer processes