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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Confirmation of the IDEA’s ISO 26000 “Corporate social responsibility commitment” label!


Flashback. On 18 January 2019, IDEA obtained the ISO 26000 corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment label for the entire Group. Valid three years, the label is re-assessed mid-way, the assessment taking place this year from 29 June to 7 July on the sites of Montoir-Bretagne (44), Toulouse (31), Ruelle-sur-Tourve (16) et Nantes (44)

Development of the CSR culture on the different IDEA sites mid-way

The purpose of this new re-assessment was to verify the dynamics of the approach and extend recognition. Mission accomplished! IDEA demonstrated its progress in the development of the CSR culture and the initial consolidation of its Group indicators.

AFNOR thus validated the “level 3 confirmed” certification once again. 

Next steps of the approach: 

  • Pursue CSR awareness-raising on all the sites
  • Set objectives for the approach in particular through the Group’s carbon footprint
  • Publish a Group CSR report
Bénédicte Birgand
CSR Manager
"Many thanks to employees and external stakeholders for their preparation, availability and participation in this assessment week, and more broadly for their daily involvement in our Group approach, that is consistent with our raison d’être."