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Biogas keeps the wheels turning for IDEA: 40% of the fleet decarbonised by 2025


IDEA is taking action to decarbonise its fleet: six of the 10 new biogas tractors scheduled for delivery in 2022 are now replacing the diesel trucks. For the logistics company, this investment meets the requirement to decarbonise its transport fleet by 40% by 2025. More generally, it is in line with the CSR objective of its new strategic plan: reducing its carbon footprint by 25% by 2025 and becoming carbon neutral by 2040.


This first order for 10 biogas trucks was initiated last year with the manufacturers SCANIA and IVECO. IDEA considers them to be the most reliable and advanced partners in biogas technology. Two models were selected for the fleet: the IVECO S-WAY CNG tractor and the SCANIA G410 A4x2NA tractor. 
Before validating this choice, IDEA tested each vehicle with two drivers for one week each in the Montoir-de-Bretagne area. The tests were conclusive, both in terms of technology, driving comfort and fuel economy.
IDEA was convinced by a conclusive in situ test, and has validated, in addition to the 2022 order, the renewal of part of its diesel fleet with biogas trucks on an annual rate of 15 trucks in 2023, 2024 and 2025 and 20 trucks in 2026. By 2026, the IDEA fleet will include 77 tractors running on biogas.

Arrivée de la flotte de camions biogaz IDEA

Olivier, driver at IDEA, testifies :

In comparison with a diesel truck, the cab comfort is equivalent or even more spacious, but what really stands out is the silent running of the engine and the fact that it doesn’t smell. Even on short distances, you feel like you’re part of the future and I'm very proud to be driving a truck that uses clean energy. 

BU Transport


The six biogas trucks delivered replace diesel tractors now assigned to long-distance routes. Biogas tractors are dedicated to short-distance transport, since the current biogas technology limits the autonomy to 150 km per day. This limitation is induced by the engine technology which only allows for a small amount of gas in the tank. The regulations allow 187 kg per engine, however this value will soon be revised.

Frédy Courilleau, IDEA Transport BU Director, comments:

To really break through this limit, we will have to wait until 2028 -2030 to test fuel cell vehicles that will provide for longer-duration autonomy and approach a business model complying with our customer expectations.



In the transport sector, IDEA is taking action now in favour of the energy transition. Unlike diesel or natural gas, which are fossil fuels, biogas is currently the only efficient and available planet-friendly technology. This energy has a clear impact on the carbon footprint:

  • Less than 80% of greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Less than 65% NOx (nitrogen oxide particles - carcinogenic)
  • Less than 95% fine particles
  • Less than 50% noise pollution

For this project, IDEA is investing 10 million euros of its own funds over five years, including 1.1 million in 2022. This is a coherent and environment-friendly choice, considering that the purchase of a biogas truck represents an additional investment of 18 to 20% compared to the purchase of a diesel truck. As for the electric alternative, according to IDEA, it would involve disproportionate costs that could not be borne by the company alone.

“IDEA is committed to providing efficient and environment-friendly solutions in all its activities. The demand from our customers for the transport-related matters also follows this trend. The increase in fuel prices and the environmental aspect are becoming more and more important, and we are being asked to provide both fossil fuel and alternative energy services. Moreover, biogas is cost effective for short channels. By 2026, IDEA will be a forerunner in decarbonising its fleet” concludes Frédy Courilleau.

Arrivée de la flotte de tracteurs biogaz IDEA