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What is your requirement?


IDEA’s mission is to support its customers in improving the performance of their logistical value chain.

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Innovation at the core of IDEA’s DNA

At IDEA, innovation is based on field initiatives, transformation challenges shared with our customers, technical opportunities enlightened by the group’s ecosystem and responsible investments serving IDEA’s purpose. 

To deal with innovation in a consistent and agile manner, IDEA mobilises all its stakeholders around the same culture of taking initiatives.

“Innovation, at IDEA, is found at every level of the company. To obtain this result, we observe initiatives in the field, ensure the legibility of our ambitions and share our way of undertaking innovation to attract talent. Not to mention our capacity to support our industrial partners with concrete achievements. The factory of the future needs the logistics of the future!” Jean-Baptiste Bernicot – Chief Innovation Office


Discover a logistics player that innovates differently

Prototyping engaged with our customers 

IDEA has defined five pillars that structure its innovation programme. Each one of them is illustrated by one or more experiments – called “prototyping” or “proof-of-concept” (POC). 

An innovation programme built on five working pillars

Image with pictograms representing the 5 pillars :

  • “Manufacturing 4.0” solutions, such as additive manufacturing or laser cutting to more quickly incorporate added value to the flows entrusted.
  • Automation and robotization to free operators from low added value tasks by entrusting them to autonomous resources, or by helping them in their tasks with “cobotic”’ type solutions. This is the case in particular with the incorporation of a robotized warehouse at one of our aeronautics customers.
  • Process digitisation to provide easier access to information for operators and their field contacts, thereby facilitating the conduct of operations. 
  • Digital modelling of activities to be able to use augmented reality and virtual reality solutions to be better integrate and train operators. At Airbus Saint-Nazaire, for example, we use virtual reality logistical training (VRLT) 
  • Connected objects associated with the products or equipment entrusted to IDEA, to facilitate the control of operations with real time key information forwarding that feeds the continuous improvement approach. At Chantiers de l’Atlantique, IDEA uses a “hands-free” crane control system.

These proofs-of-concept are shared with IDEA customers and also support the technical proposals created in response to invitations to tender. 

Axes innovation

Innovative initiatives co-built with its customers

The projects launched in this framework are co-built with customers and local teams. They are widely shared and in “open innovation” mode. The diversity of customer issues associated with the contribution of technical and digital solutions from the group’s ecosystem promotes the permanent enrichment of this roadmap. 

More generally, the collaborative innovation approach is deployed in-house with innovation workshops on-site, and outside with customers and IDEA partners as shared lessons learned (see box below) and, finally, with the entire ecosystem regarding the broader challenge of promoting the innovative solutions of the territory. 

IDEA works with academic (ICAM, IMT…), innovation (EMC2) or logistics players like the Pôle Achats Supply Chain Atlantique (Atlantic Supply Chain Purchasing Cluster - Pasca).

Imagining the offers of tomorrow and an inspiring future

DEA simultaneously imagines new offers for current customers and also looks at emerging markets where the group has a role to play (such as worksite logistics or urban logistics). 

As for proof-of-concept, IDEA builds offers that can be tested quickly. This requires the strong involvement of the group over time with all the economic, academic, associative and public players with whom it collaborates before imagining a return on investment.

Employees consider the changes of these new markets when they imagine the future businesses of IDEA, with a high point every five years around the construction of the strategic plan.

Our collaborations

Innovation by IDEA is based on a collaborative approach and supported by a process of co-creativity.

An AGV indoor/outdoor
This independent AGV evolves in an open lane to accelerate inter-building flows and can circulate both indoors and outdoors.
This independent AGV evolves in an open lane to accelerate inter-building flows and can circulate both indoors and outdoors. It supports, moves and deposits rolls and pallets up to a ton, without human intervention, respecting the rules of the road and taking into account the risks to its environment. This #innovation was born from a partnership with ECA GROUP.
Innovation by IDEA
To meet the needs of the factory of the future, we have made innovation a daily concern. Take a few minutes to discover part of our DNA.
“IDEA’s goal is rapid, decentralised integration of innovative solutions by and for our people.
We seek out operational solutions that improve working conditions for us and for our customers.
To achieve this, we develop ethical relationships with the technical partners in our ecosystem.
All of these prototype development efforts drive our innovation roadmap, and, we hope, that of our industrial customers.”
Jean-Baptiste Bernicot , Chief Innovation Officer
The robotized warehouse
Discover the success of collaboration between IDEA and the Scallog startup.
"The deployment of the robotized warehouse on the Airbus site is the result of a real collaborative effort. The feedback from our "Proof Of Concept" has allowed us to develop the solution to adapt it to our customer's constraints. Today, robots circulate continuously over a perimeter of 5,000 references. This innovative solution has resulted in surface area and productivity gains of 30% and a rate of 110 picks per hour."
Sébastien Piel , IDEA Site Manager at Airbus in Nantes.