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What is your requirement?

Industrial packing

IDEA Groupe designs tailor-made industrial packing solutions that guarantee the integrity of its customers' products.

Goods protection and industrial packing

IDEA designs tailor-made industrial packing and goods protection solutions and offers associated services: export preparation, container stuffing and secure industrial transfer.

IDEA's know-how:

  • Guaranteeing the integrity of goods
  • Design, fabrication, packing
  • Multi-site packing operations
  • Special wedging
  • Crate manufacturing
  • Containerisation
  • Design and production of tailor-made durable protective resources
  • Flow audit
  • Industrial transfer
  • Packing of regulated products and hazardous materials

In close collaboration with manufacturers, IDEA experts define complete packing solutions tailored to the specificities of their activities (heavy equipment, oversized, non-standard, regulated products, etc.).

The design process includes:

  • Flow analysis and validation of product adaptability to the shipment method
  • Integration of specific and regulatory requirements: resistance, durability, preservation and environmental criteria
  • Packing prototyping and design (design software)
  • Compilation of technical files with drawings and photos

standard Packing

Export packing and container stuffing

IDEA designs custom-made industrial export packing (last trip), respecting the integrity of the products. IDEA ensures the complete management of its customers' files (packing design and associated logistics), from the collection of the goods to the provision of the products to the designated forwarding agent.

IDEA's export services integrate the constraints of air, sea, rail and road transport, as well as your specific requirements and regulatory requirements.

For increased security, IDEA offers the possibility of subscribing to Ad Valorem insurance.

With more than 10 sites spread over the country, IDEA manages multi-site projects and can quickly mobilise teams throughout France.

Reusable crates and flight cases

IDEA designs tailor-made shuttle packing that respects the integrity of the products. The packaging is adapted to each type of industrial good.

All solutions include flow analysis and validation of the product's adaptability to the type of shipment, taking into account use and transport constraints: metal structure, shock absorbers and vibration dampers, cradle wedges, partitions, cut or milled foams, lashing straps, sections for racks.

Flight cases, multi-turn shuttle boxes, lightweight cases, plywood boxes etc. For all its products, IDEA offers the interior layout suitable for the type of equipment (compartmentalisation, shock absorber adjustment), assembly by aluminium sections and fittings in treated or stainless steel, customising by printing and screen printing of logos, pictograms and references.

Whatever the solution, IDEA takes charge of all logistics operations associated with the packing for provision to its customers' platforms.

Regulated products

IDEA designs crates approved for any type of regulated product (except classes 1 and 7): varnishes, paints, gasoline, aerosols, oils, inflatable survival and rescue equipment (vests, life rafts etc.) and mainly for the chemical and petroleum products markets.

All packing is produced according to SEI standards and technical specifications and is approved:

  • IATA for air transport (excluding radioactive for categories 1 and 3)
  • IMDG for maritime transport
  • ADR for road transport

The teams are regularly trained and hold the required authorisations.

Industrial transfer

IDEA offers industrial transfer services adapted to each customer's needs that can be integrated into a comprehensive logistics solution:

  • Disconnection and reconnection of machines
  • Industrial lifting
  • Transport of oversize loads
  • Factory transfer
  • Moving whole production lines, machine tools, etc.
  • Heavy handling
  • Installation of new machines


IDEA designs specific reusable packaging that allows parts to be packed with strong interfaces. This type of packing takes into account the recommendations of the supplier, the customer and more generally the supply chain in which it is integrated.

IDEA's goods protection engineering is based on flow and packing optimisation to design custom packaging tailored to each customer's needs.

IDEA carries out an audit of its customer's environment (logistics, handling, mode of transport, recommendations, constraints, life cycle of the product to be protected, ergonomics and safety), establishes functional specifications and defines the optimum packaging for its customer's organisation.

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