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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Research & Prototypes

Why should you have to deal with logistical problems alone?

Research & Prototypes Reflexion


IDEA's greatest strength is our capacity to mobilise our collective intelligence, collaborating with you on research and prototypes and developing innovative solutions which match your vision, your needs and your market.


  • Logistical organisation
  • Computer-integrated material handling
  • Protection of goods
  • Flow architecture
  • Productive efficiency
  • Resource prototypes
  • Manufacturing
  • Remote data analysis: preventive maintenance, TLS condition check, ROM and Reverse logistics

Open Lab : meeting and sharing point between IDEA and its partners (start-up, schools, institutions etc.), Open Lab is a true solutions factory helping to meet your challenges in a collaborative mode using its many tools and methods: design thinking, 3D printing, test machines, knowledge management etc.

POC : at centre of the IDEA method, “Proof Of Concept” validates real feasibility through prototyping. Set up within a limited but significant operational scope, POC lets us imagine innovative applications together, incorporate new technologies and build entirely new, functionality-oriented, circular economy and collaborative models. A flexible method with no heavy investments or long-term commitments for informed choices.

Jean-Baptiste Bernicot


Jean-Baptiste BERNICOT, Engineering Manager

« We position ourselves as drivers of innovation rather than simple executants. Our real experience and effective understanding of the field give us the legitimacy to go beyond the sole execution of our contracts. We build the operating schemes of tomorrow jointly with our customers. We always aspire to developing high value-added services to contribute to the competitiveness of our customers. »

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Data Monitoring

Monitoring logistical data

IDEA makes full use of all the data of your logistical chain to improve efficiency, from monitoring to preventive action.

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management

With IDEA keep your products in operating condition as long as possible thereby improving your environmental efficiency.