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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

A new construction site logistics project with Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest


Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest has entrusted to IDEA the outsourcing of its logistics for housing construction and renovation sites in Nantes and Lorient. 

What does this involve?

These services are provided on the IDEA platforms near the concerned Bouygues construction sites.

The goods entrusted for the construction sites concern the finishing work phase and more particularly the technical (plumbing, heating) or secondary (interior joinery) trades. In its warehouses, IDEA receives the goods of Bouygues and its subcontractors, stores them and prepares the kits ordered by the customer to deliver them at the desired time to the housing unit concerned.

What is the benefit for Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest?

While this solution allows Bouygues to focus on its core business, it also provides it with the handling of unforeseen logistical problems (waiting time, deliveries, unloading time, routing to the point of need etc.), a secure environment for the teams and construction sites (breakage, theft) and an accurate measurement of flows.

How does it work?

Operations provide areas dedicated to storage, preparation, loading and the resources already present on the site. IDEA’s transport business handles the deliveries. A site operator can also manage routing to the point of need on the worksite, that is to say the route after unloading between the truck and the housing unit concerned. The lead time for warehouse receptions or preparations is five days, which allows the site to smooth its activity thanks to this additional service.