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CSR: the daily commitment of IDEA employees


Building on our commitment to CSR, and just after it was confirmed that IDEA had obtained the ISO 26000 corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment label in July 2020, a small challenge was set for employees: to share their daily CSR actions. 

Throughout the summer, and for the second year in a row, good practices and initiatives were shared to inspire others. This new challenge was met with great success thanks to their ingenious ideas and daily actions! 

CSR is everyone’s business at IDEA! 

Whether working alone or as part of a team, our employees once again showed great initiative this summer: Adrien refurbished some of IDEA’s computer equipment, which was destined for the scrap heap, to donate to a school. Marie-Hélène signed up for We Act for Good (WAG) to consume better. Emmanuelle gave a small IDEA box a second life as a pocket ashtray and recycled her cigarette butts to make a natural insecticide. Peggy created washable sponges made from fabric scraps. Cécilia took the plunge at the hair salon to donate her hair to an association that helps people with illnesses. Sébastien introduced and convinced his whole family to switch to solid shampoo with him. Our team at the Indret site spent several hours picking up rubbish from the beach. Valentin seized at the opportunity to redesign his garden and let natural meadow plants grow to see a new fauna of insects and small animals settle in. 

We are very proud of our teams who have once again wonderfully demonstrated their daily commitment. 

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