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IDEA: the driving force behind the recovery of the aeronautics industry in Pays de la Loire


IDEA is a winner of the Fund for the support of the modernisation, diversification and greening of the processes of the aeronautics industry, launched in June 2020 by the French government. IDEA’s proposal was also certified by the European manufacturing technologies cluster, EMC2. The group is proud to contribute to the recovery of the aeronautics industry after the 2020 health crisis, especially since it is the first winning logistics provider of the aeronautical recovery plan in the Pays de la Loire.

From idea to reality: IDEA mobilises for the aeronautics industry and the territory

IDEA innovates on a continuing basis to offer an efficient supply chain responding to the industrial issues of its customers. Purpose: Be capable of handling unforeseen events while supporting growth and controlling performance. That is why the group regularly modernises its industrial tool at its various sites by integrating the digital transformation and building the skills of the teams to perform in the industry of the future.

In the framework of the sector recovery plan, IDEA’s aeronautics business line presented ”I.D.E.A. Aeronautical flow”. With the Integration of Digital & Automation in aeronautical flows, five complementary post-crisis projects that enable the revival of the industry and providing an outlook for the future.

IDEA projects, winners of the recovery plan

The financing that IDEA will receive under the Aeronautics Industry Recovery Plan accelerates the digitisation programme desired by the group, as well as its implementation, without having to trade off on key topics.

The projects presented will be deployed on three industrial sites in Pays de la Loire: Airbus Nantes, Airbus Saint-Nazaire and the “Aeroparc” site of IDEA near Nantes, dedicated to aeronautics. They will be visible in the first half of 2021 and tested in the following 24 months.

  • Project no.1: Develop indoor and outdoor autonomous mobility logistics solutions capable of using open lanes on the Airbus Nantes site. IDEA is supported by the autonomous resource ECA Group.
  • Project no. 2: Provide the specific aircraft section handling resources of the Airbus site at Saint-Nazaire with a manoeuvre-assist function for preventing the risk of collision, in collaboration with ECA Group.
  • Project no. 3: Enrich the traceability solution developed by IDEA, called “MYWAY”, associating the geo-positioning data of products and tools on the Airbus site of Saint Nazaire, then Nantes, in collaboration with Ripple Motion.
  • Project no.4: Associate a handling aid solution with a mobile, standalone platform that supports IDEA operators in their preparation tasks on the site of Aeroparc, in collaboration with E-Cobot.
  • Project no. 5: Design an immersive training system based on virtual reality solutions to facilitate workstation learning on aeronautical sites.
Mobile cobotics serving operators ©Oioo Studio

Recovery plan: a unifying and positive approach

The response to the Recovery Plan was achieved in a difficult period (second lockdown). Co-built by the aeronautics and IDEA innovation teams, and the partners, it allowed an anticipation of the future changes to help the aeronautics industry recover.

At the same time, EMC2 certification testifies to the resonance of the IDEA project, in line with the challenges of the territory and its technological ecosystem.

The structure of the approach helped reinforce the clarity of our ambitions. Especially this year, during which we are collaboratively developing our 2025 strategic plan, guided by the purpose of the group: Let’s dare to build together responsible solutions to present and future challenges.

Jean-Baptiste Bernicot
Innovation Director
The aeronautics industry needs to improve its competitiveness, develop its resilience to unforeseen events, to have partnerships that can handle fluctuations in workload with a high degree of versatility without deteriorating performance. As a logistical player of the territory, we have strong convictions, shared with our employees and customers. Being a winner of the Aeronautics Industry Recovery Fund reaffirms our innovation roadmap within this scope and more globally in the industrial supply chain market.
We want to provide safer, flexible and efficient operational logistics while developing the skills of operational teams and anticipating market developments. IDEA, integrated in the customer value chain, again shows that it controls its performance to contribute to eliminating unforeseen unknowns, to automating and robotising what can be without losing flexibility, and to preserving its specific skills whatever the degree of versatility required.