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Factory materials procurement management

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Challenges for EUROTOURBES

Pooling resources to benefit an entire industry.

IDEA Groupe services

Created in 1999, Eurotourbes is a joint venture between IDEA Groupe and industrial soil manufacturers. Through its independence, financial capabilities and expertise in various areas of the shipping business, IDEA Groupe has helped to define and operate this system for La Florentaise, associated with Tourbières de France, and has made it possible to establish a specific supply chain that guarantees continuous and competitive supplies. This competitive advantage has led to an increase in market share for both Tourbières de France and La Florentaise.


  • Continuing to seek out efficient peat bogs in the Baltic states
  • Chartering ships on competitive terms
  • Managing handling operations during loading and unloading
  • Storing imported goods under the appropriate conditions
  • Providing pull system delivery for factories

IDEA’S advantages

  • Specific supply chain development guaranteeing continuous and competitive supplies, in all weather conditions
  • Inventory finance, commitment and cash purchase capabilities (annual volume of 120,000 m3)