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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

What are good CSR practices?


Governance & Innovation 

  • New market organization for closer proximity to clients & partners
  • Diversification of strategic markets toward promising sectors: renewable energy, offshore wind, etc.
  • Reception of external delegations in the framework of “learning expeditions” to share the group’s innovative and responsible approach


  • Opening of capital to employees via the IDEA Operation Commitment: 298 employee shareholders (out of 1200)
  • Development of employability: 2.06% of payroll devoted to training
  • Active participants in group innovation: 125 IDEActions contributing to the 2018 challenge
  • Staff recovery from companies that have lost a contract to IDEA and strong support during the transition


  • Security solutions built together with suppliers: automatic speed regulators, virtual reality operator training
  • Long-term confidence in customers and partners with 100% renewed strategic contracts
  • Preference to regional suppliers and French raw materials


  • Strong regional integration in the historic realm and development of the region recognized by all: jobs, investments, internships & co-ops, support for the unemployed
  • Provision of the creative space “Open IDEA” to clients, partners, and collaborators
  • Spontaneous and natural involvement in improvement projects of the region


  • Renewal of park vehicles: cleaner trucks, natural gas trucks, electric cars
  • Waste repurposing: methanation of organic waste, timber recycling 
  • Digitization of administrative documents to limit paper consumption