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What is your requirement?

Our CSR approach still in progress


Meaning and commitment in everyday actions, the policy of innovation and the spirit of co-entrepreneurship have been inscribed in IDEA’s collaborative genes for 100 years. In lieu of our growth, we launched a CSR initiative in 2013. Due to our managerial willingness to integrate this into various business units, AFNOR confirms IDEA as having reached level 3 of 4 for its “Engaged CSR” label. 


Since the last evaluation in 2017, IDEA management has decided to guide all of its activities and sites in the CSR approach – a symbol stronger than managerial will yet consistent with the values of IDEA. To formalize, the ID2020 strategic plan is based on the principles of CSR. To help and guide all employees – from operational to management – IDEA shares its CSR fundamentals through a booklet that defines the basic principles to be taken into account for a qualitative and coherent approach. Head office employees (real estate services, CIO, innovation, HR, etc. ) have been integrating this operation into their daily lives for several years. 

Thierry Cureau

Evaluator – AFNOR Certification

"The score obtained by IDEA confirms level 3 of 4 by the model AFAQ 26000. This is attributed to an organization with such an approach that responds to many of the principles and areas of action of ISO 26000. The approach of the group is rich, coherent, and dynamic, and is illustrated by concrete actions at each one of the sites. Each business affiliate represents a function of its activities, the shared fundamental corporate social responsabilities listed in the group’s "CSR booklet." Everywhere it is possible to identify respect, kindness and sympathy. Clearly defined governance with multiple levels of participation allows for collaborative work on exhaustive topics. Also, it is important to note that feedback from clients, partners, and suppliers is very positive: professioal, loyal, sympathetic, collaborative, and responsive. The strong involvement of the management has given confidence in the durability of the approach that will only strengthen and improve over time. "


Each of the collaborators invests himself at IDEA for his own reasons. However, they all share the commitment to continuously improve the Group’s impact on the environment, its security conditions, and its quality of services to enhance customer and employee satisfaction with a long-term vision. Everyone is aware that the IDEA story is written collectively. 

Bruno Hug de Larauze
Bruno Hug de Larauze
We are especially proud that our group was named ISO 26000 level 3, a level achieved by fewer than 80 companies (AFNOR) in France in all sectors. The route is long and we are audited every 18 months. This success is possible thanks to the involvement of all our mobilized teams: managers, operational staff, IRP, and external stakeholders. We know that we must maintain momentum to make our approach sustainable and render the common CSR culture even more present in the daily life of each. Like a hummingbird trying to extinguish a forest fire with a few drops of water carried in its beak, let us do our part so that, by our innovations, behavior, and commitments, we become more virtuous in our choices and arbitrations. There is no small gesture when there are 1,400 people working together for the same goal.