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What is your requirement?

IDEA, the new logistical reference of Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN)


IDEA becomes an expert in a new logistics activity with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) in Calais. As part of the Nokia Group, ASN participates in the design, creation and installation of optical communication links throughout the oceans of the world. It is the industry leader of turnkey submarine networks. For us, this partnership is a new challenge: contribute to the growth of ASN through the know-how of its teams.

Submarine cable logistics: a new skills area for IDEA...

In the framework of its collaboration with ASN Calais, the IDEA Group ensures the handling of cables, their quality control, the preparation and transfer of equipment to the installation ships. For a few months now, the IDEA and ASN teams have been working with mutual trust. More than skills-sharing, it is a challenge for us to:

  • integrate a new type of handling that consists in positioning cables in tanks;
  • return to our roots ensuring the loading of installation ships (cable layers) for the installation or repair of cables at sea throughout the world;
  • pursue our development in northern France and consolidate our Industries Nord Business Unit with this contract;
  • reinforce our custom offer positioning for specific and sensitive, high value products.

...that is recruiting new talent

To better support ASN’s growth and development, IDEA is recruiting “coilers”, specific logistical operators.

The coiler is an indispensable player in optical fibre deployment. Coilers wind the cables into coils to store them, prepare them and to avoid tangling. They are the last person to touch the cables before loading onto the ship.

“To continue to grow, develop the unique know-how of our teams and pursue this partnership of trust with ASN, we have just hired 30 people under a permanent employment contract." confides Rémi Estienne, IDEA site manager.

IDEA supports its customers in their growth


“We selected IDEA for its legacy of quality, its know-how with high added-value products and the human values it has been able to demonstrate. Since the IDEA teams have joined our production site in Calais and that handling has been entrusted to them, ASN has been able to focus on its core business which creates added value for its customers. It is a partnership that is being built."

Our DNA spurs us to grow with our customers. More than custom logistics, it is the desire to grow together that motivates us. From the outset of the collaboration, IDEA set up a co-construction approach, to offer a logistics solution tailored to a complex manufacturing industry.

A controlled and fitted supply-chain upstream is beneficial for the industrialist’s entire production line. Thanks to the work done by its teams in the field, we support ASN Calais in its growth.

The dematerialisation of part of the administrative formalities is beneficial for IDEA employees: consolidation of significant data usable instantaneously, full traceability of operations, management of teams in real time etc.

Thanks to this hardware, data are forwarded directly from the field (by the operators) to the customer. The teams are empowered, there is a gain in time and the risk of interpretating the information is limited.

This is a collaboration based on trust and transparency.

Rémi Estienne
Site manager
From the call for tender stage, “co-enterprising”, so important to the Group, and the commitment of our teams in the field, made a difference to ASN Calais. IDEA proposed innovative solutions and invested in digital tools to dematerialise certain tasks. Employees were trained as “coilers” and in logistical operations such as cable handling and their quality control and the transfer of equipment on the cable laying ships to be operational as quickly as possible. IDEA is fully committed to this partnership of trust and wants to grow with ASN Calais.