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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

GTM Ouest

Building site logistics - Factory construction


Challenges for GTM

  • Optimise delivery routes 
  • Master commercial challenges, advanced customer databases for greater proximity 
  • Improve product delivery quality 


Our services

Logistics coordination

  • From scheduling truck arrivals to delivery to workstations 

Logistics operations

  • Scheduling on-site delivery
  • Unloading, on-site storage
  • Delivery of requirements to workstations 
  • Traceability of all transactions 

Container management

  • Kanban method used to rotate containers throughout the site 
  • Advanced customer databases for greater proximity

IDEA's advantages

  • Single point of contact for site logistics for all stakeholders 
  • Centralised management of logistics flows 
  • Information system: scheduling of transport, activity reporting by subcontractor, traceability of transactions 
  • Construction of a new site-logistics system co-designed with GTM