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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Production Operations

Drawing on our experience as “makers” to put logistics and production in the same location, IDEA liberates your factory from unnecessary constraints.

Production Operations


  • Added value

    - Manufacturing and storage on the same site
    - Pre-assembly: parts and modules
    - Industrial finishing
    - Delayed differentiation

  • Industrial tasks

    - Piercing – Shot peening - Cutting
    - Painting - Filming - Flame cutting...

Éric Jeanne


Jean-Christophe THOMAS, Site Manager

“Today, IDEA carries out production operations in order to support its customers in refocusing on their core business. More than local storage, we provide added value to components on the same location: cutting to length, kit preparation, assembly, painting or any other industrial operation concerning semi-finished goods.
Co-manufacturing is a strategic offering for our customers: optimise their surface area for high value-added operations, procurement flexibility and reactivity.”


Yves-Marie ROUÉ, Bulk Activities Director

“30,000 tonnes of colza seeds and 15,000 tonnes of corn pass through our grain drier each year. During the harvest period, this processing site thus frees up storage capacity for our collector customers avoiding a break of load on the supply chain. The Saint-Nazaire silo site features a laboratory where the bread-making characteristics of wheat are analysed to segregate and deliver goods adapted to the customer's requirements. Our certifications, GTP (Good Trading Practices) in particular, testify to our ability to adapt to the operating methods and market needs of our customers.”

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