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What is your requirement?

Design & Industrialisation

The quality of an industrial supply-chain is based on two key factors: efficiency and reliability.

Supply chain Design and Industrialisation


That is why IDEA mobilises all its talent, designers and operators in designing your supply-chain solution.

Our technical and IT project engineers draw on the constant know-how of our field operators and benefit from the complementary nature of our trades and expertise in logistics, property protection, mobility, bulk and maritime services.

We target operational excellence starting with the design of your supply-chain to guarantee effective control and optimum execution.


  • Flow engineering
  • Protective engineering
  • Data engineering

Flow engineering: definition of your supply-chain scheme and sizing of the resources necessary to optimise your flows, minimise disputes and reduce your costs: identification of human and material resource requirements, design of specific computer-integrated material handling resources, incorporation of your business fluctuations in design.

Productive engineering: design of tailored solutions respectful of the environment that guarantee the integrity of goods entrusted, calculation of carbon footprint to optimise and adapt our solutions to transport modes, taking into account the life cycle of the container.

Data engineering: optimisation of your supply-chain through the integration of the data of your suppliers, customers and subcontractors, thereby improving the management of your KPIs, KOIs, inventory, lead times etc.

Lydia Leroy

engineering, seen by :

Lydia LEROY, Project Engineer

"Our operational experience lets us go further in questioning our customers. At IDEA, we don’t hesitate to think outside the box, especially if it can boost competitiveness. We are committed to eco-designing innovative and high-performance solutions adapted to the specific needs of each individual entity. Our aim is to design a supply-chain that reflects your image, innovative and flexible, creating added value... from procurement to delivery."

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