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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Logistical Operations

As a dedicated logistical integrator, IDEA works with you to co-manage the design of high-performance supply chains capable of handling specific, sensitive industrial products.

Logistical Operations


We deliver transparency, added value and agility to your industrial (or other) logistical operations, all in the name of boosting your competitiveness. And we bear the cost of risk and investment.

  • Management

- Purchase and/or distribution orders
- Multi-modal transport strategies: collection and distribution of parts and products
- Inventory management with multi-warehouse vision
- Budgetary and financial analysis
- KPIs / KOIs
- Sub-contracting: from selection to inspection
- Flows upstream/downstream of production

  • Supply and purchasing management
  • Stock financing
  • Track & Trace monitoring and alerts
  • ERP and IS interfaces

A logistics provider from the first to the last mile, IDEA intervenes in your factories and its own hubs to manage logistical flows and the implementation of industrial operations.

  • Order preparation
  • Shipping management
  • Forward Supplier Warehouse
  • Factory and line-side supply
  • Heavy Load Handling
  • Management of outsourcing
  • Industrial transport and transfers
  • Industrial packing
  • Preparation of exports


Our capacity to integrate supplier and subcontractor data to optimise production: myData by IDEA 

​​​​​​​​Guillaume Dhellemmes


Guillaume Dhellemmes​​​​​​​, Director Aeronautics BU

“IDEA contributes to the production of more than 600 airplanes per year on the various Airbus production sites. Every day, we ensure the comprehensive management of warehouses and factory flows on location in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. Our teams work over the entire supply-chain: from inventory management to the industrial transfer of parts and assemblies, including line-side preparation, heavy handling and packaging for shipment. To improve the control of our activities, we take the risk of investing in our own innovative solutions, such as automated warehouses, that boost the performance of our customers.”

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