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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Life Cycle Management

With IDEA keep your products in operating condition as long as possible thereby improving your environmental efficiency.

Life Cycle Management


Make the most of IDEA's expertise in spare part management, TLS and ROM, keeping your products in optimal operational condition for as long as possible and boosting your environmental efficiency. 


  • -    Managing spare parts
    -    Quality control, NDT, tests
    -    Customer centre
    -    Version management
    -    Compatibility and compliance matrix
    -    Advance standard sharing
    -    Repairs and related flows
    -    Preventive maintenance management (spare kits)
    -    MCO/MRO

reverse logistics by idea

Have your products reached their end-of-life? IDEA supports you in the transition from the conventional “linear” economy to a circular economy.

  • Organisation of the value chain
  • Collection logistics
  • Deconstruction
  • Refurbishing
  • Recycling
  • Targeting the environmental efficiency of the chain

reverse logistics, seen by :

Bruno MAHÉO, Key Accounts Manager

“The IDEA group positions itself as a catalyst of initiatives and developer of energies.
Carrying out an active watch on all subjects related to environmental performance, we support our customers in optimizing the product life cycle, a growing concern in the industry. Our objective is above all to build efficient and sustainable supply chains, to put manufacturers in contact with each other in order to find solutions for their entire market with them. Construction and civil engineering are a significant example of the opportunities opened up by these new models: reverse logistics is thus becoming a key element of the circular economy for manufacturers in the sector.”

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Design industrialisation

Design & Industrialisation

The quality of an industrial supply-chain is based on two key factors: efficiency and reliability.

Opérations Logistiques

Logistical Operations

As a dedicated logistical integrator, IDEA works with you to co-manage the design of high-performance supply chains capable of handling specific, sensitive industrial products.