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What is your requirement?

Project engineering

Project engineering serving industrial logistics

Project engineering is essential for the development of innovative solutions. IDEA has an engineering centre that supports its customers in all their activities.

Project engineers dedicated to industrial logistics develop scalable solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Depending on the project, these solutions can be integrated into a comprehensive offer including packing, transport and storage services.

In order to offer ever more innovative industrial logistics solutions, IDEA ensures active technological monitoring and analysis.

The challenges of effective project engineering

Project engineering makes it possible to offer innovative tailor-made solutions aimed at integrating our customers' requirements, optimising processes, rationalising costs, ensuring reliable and responsive flow management and developing scalable logistics solutions.

IDEA, committed to a Lean Manufacturing approach

Included at the heart of its customers' flows, IDEA has developed its own capacity to bring about change with a structuring industrial approach.

To achieve this, our teams are direct contributors in the field with our customers, with the support of engineering expertise that guarantees Lean principles and practices. Whether you want to make progress in this area, or give new impetus to your approach, IDEA is able to provide you with the necessary support.

"SO IDEA!" is IDEA's operational system. It is based on three essential components:

  • The principles of IDEA Lean: key principles that drive the group's growth 
  • The basics of IDEA Lean, at the operational manager level 
  • IDEA Lean tools, which support the advances sought under the basics and/or principles

"SO IDEA!" allows a structured and equipped approach that enables us to focus on expectations in terms of service quality, cost and deadlines.

The challenges of IDEA Lean: concrete approaches driven by operational staff

Some examples of projects shared with our customers:

  • Work with the scheduling/production function to switch to Just-in-Time 
  • Acceleration of flows, including by controlling the transition from push to pull flows 
  • Delivery of parts in kit form to the customer's workstation 
  • Increasing the customer's industrial added value per square metre by freeing up logistics space 
  • Performance control through management control 
  • Visual field management (from 5S to monitoring in-process production) readable by our teams and the customer 
  • Re-engineering of resources in order to improve safety, ergonomics, product quality, productivity (reduction of breaks) 
  • Continuous improvement in the broad sense of the term, from the operational level on a daily basis to the master plan approach of the customer site within 3 to 5 years.


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