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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Line-side supply

Approvisionnement bord de chaîne

IDEA's know-how in line-side supply

It is important for an industrial company to be able to focus on its core business. To help industrial companies to do so, IDEA can handle the:

  • Management of inbound plant flows: receiving, inspections, inventory management, order preparation (Kanban method, full vacuum method)
  • Engineering and deployment of Lean Manufacturing 
    - Sizing of distribution channels
    - Supply flow engineering (inter-station forwarding, optimisation of working times for our customers' associates)
  • In-plant flow management
    - Handling of components in situ
    - Transfer and provision of equipment
  • Fabrication of component kits and just-in-time line side delivery
  • Rigging
  • Lifting
  • Pre-assembly
  • Verification and maintenance of preservation

Storage and provision of equipment

IDEA has developed specific know-how regarding the storage and provision of tools.

  • Equipment listing
  • External storage and inventory management
  • Provision of equipment on request
  • Verification of preservation
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