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What is your requirement?
What is your requirement?

Customer service

Control of customer service flows

Meeting our customers' logistics requirements and the quality of the products delivered is our priority. IDEA, known for its reactivity, offers a relevant and reliable flow management service to optimise your logistics performance.

  • Management of the direct relationship with your customers 
  • Integration of your needs 
  • Control and triggering of operations 
  • Ship provisioning 
  • Ability to respond to non-standard requests

By entrusting IDEA with the management of their flows, manufacturers benefit from a professional and external view of their organization, allowing them to effectively use the means to ensure the smooth flow of their supply chain. 

IDEA customer service resources

  • Flow control with WMS Reflex Hardis 
  • Interface and control of the SAP system 
  • 24-hour availability and response (AOG) 
  • Dedicated hotline
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